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Written by admin
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Human beings are curious in nature. The thirst of knowledge is never ending in our species, and thanks to scientific developments, we are finally inching towards unravelling many of the nature’s wonders that were secret until now. Human body is one of them. It is the most complex machine ever known to the mankind, and nothing has been able to replicate it completely.
The functioning of our organs is only now getting a detailed explanation after the leaps and bounds of growth witnessed in the medical field. This phenomenal growth has helped us understand the nitty-gritties of our body and how exactly we manage to live and do the things we do. Human heart has displayed one of the most remarkable qualities of voluntary muscle movement, and has remained one of the core interests of doctors/scientists/biologists. Human heart displays certain

Posted in health (397 views) by theadmin, (about 2017 ago)

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